Northumberland Fields in Fall
Despite the tumble and fall of giant moraine hills, farm fields make up the much of Northumberland county. And in the Fall and then again in Winter, the fields have their own compelling loveliness.
The lush Fall weather has the fields greening and trees showing off regally near Trent River
On highway 29 west of Warkworth a colorful stand of Maples divides the fields.
Nearby are the grape vines of Oak Heights Winery
Cattle graze in the fields on the road to Roseneath
By mid-Fall, some of the trees have lost their cover, but Maples, Oak, and Birch are flaunting bright colors on the backroads approaching Hastings.
On the way to Castleton the undulating fields are surround by Falls Oaks and Maples in splendid finery.
Just an Oak peering above a Grafton field.
Again, the birch and poplar retained bright vivid colors deep into Fall.
Colors seemed to billow and explode week after week and once again the Oaks help carry the chroma show.
On Jakobi road going to Castleton the waving felds are trimmed with an Autumn pleasing palette.
Near Norwood the woods rise up like a cat on the prowl.
A cyan sky crackles below with vivacious colors.
North of Havelock, this herd of cows looked upon a photographer's pursuit of color and form with bemusement.
At the beginning November only the hardiest of trees are able to hold their leaves and hues..