Fall in Northumberland Hills
Warkworth is in the heart of the Northumberland Hills where two creeks merge along converging valleys and whose outskirts command panoramic views of the scenery. In short, a perfect starting point to follow Fall's colours in the Hills.
Big bold colors this fall, even on the Oaks
A still green Maple hides the saucy colors of its sibling
The splashing colors along Salt Creek can also be seen at Windebanks OutDoor Art
Red Cloud School Road adopts its colors in the Fall
This Fall has a novel gamut of colors like the artistry found at The Eclectic Mix
Pines shed part of their needles in the Fall
So the Pines add a touch of humor to the Autumn Color Bounty
After a walk among the Warkworth Stalwarts relax with a coffee at Jeanines Backtalk Cafe
A rising aria of hues near the WestBen Theater
A staccato color burst
Colors to be found on the way to Hastings from Campbellford