Artists to Follow in the Northumberland Hills
The chroma of the Fall valley floor reflect Mike Smith's skies and landscapes
Christine Bayer's acrylics also offer quaking color boughs.
A field meadow offers a blush blanket flush with Falls shades.
Likewise the work of Colborne artist Paivi Marshall thrive in landscape tableau like this.
These are sight stopping raw edges and colors in the sumac.
Mary McEan's art catches your breath in a similar fashion.
Pastels and natural shapes abound here and in Helen Madill's art
Fall found moving in new ways like the members of Art de Triomphe
There is color and joy in Marlene Siomra portrait paintings.
They would be at home in these woods..
A sense of Summer meeting fall permeates this scene.
Barbel Smith's landscape paintings have the same directness of Faith.
The tinctures of Autumn are running pastel rampant.
Sheree Rasmussen's textile art also embraces strong hues but with a wider gamut.
Forms and hues to be found as echoes in Susan Caron's Artistry
A staccato color burst in forest floor of darkness.
Like the bold surprise to be found in Anne Plaxton's paintings.
Yellow red crystal over a summer patch intimate Fall's coming.
Likewise the pure and blue of Gundi's gorgeous crystal and glass strike deep emotional veins.
A woodland thicket on the way to Hastings filled with sun's jewels.
Dania Madera Lerman has equal treasures in her paintings.
These shapes and lighting might well be found in a Robert Doherty landscape.
A style like Simon Jensen's landscapes is to found in this Castleton Fall scene.