Rain Paints Northumberland Hills 2
Rain rain don't go away, especially on a fine Fall Day. Drop gentle and long- and add your luster and sparkle as a daily song.
It is interesting that a soft trickle rain coats both the front and back side of these Birch leaves. Normally droplets form on the backside more often.
On oak leaves the water diffuses out and adds a lush color popping layer.
What a concerto of color and rain droplet daubs!
The White Oaks this year have a soft pastel palette enhanced by the rain..
See here the water adds a smooth luster; but the some bugs have been lunching on oak leaves.
Red Oak lives up to its name in this broad branch over Salt Creek Valley.
Small boughs of beauty among the hefty trunks soaring scores of feet higher.
Yellow with stains of summer green and autumn tan wiggle along the path..
Edgy sketching the green and yellow found in this niche of the woods.
In this neck of the woods, the fern have lasted vibrant green longer then the overhaed hardwoods. But this is not always so.
The downpour of rain has flattened fallen leaves and fern.
Here in my Roseneath glade, the heavy maple leaf downpour overwhelms the fern greenery.
The fern spread out like the twigs in 4-2 harmony.
The trails in the hiking areas North on 45 going towards Alderville are full of surprises.