Rain Paints Northumberland Hills
Rain pastes leaves to the log... ohh and adds Velvia punch to the image.
Smith/Johnson road to Highway 25 provides lush turning colors every Fall.
This Family tree portrait finds Reds, Yellow, Tawny Tans, Orange-to-crimson, Fallen Brown ....
I see Sweet Gum red, Honey Locust yellow, Maple various shades of gray and brown, I see you me and countless other colors I would like to meet.
The Sweet Gum barely shades the Campbellford gazebo in a downpour...
And so the Sweet Gum gets it own raincoated glazing.
The hues here are shades of Mom's summer dress flapping in the breeze.
Kurt Vonnegut saw this tale as a story with broader strokes and color.
A kind act in the rush of the day lay like distilled sunshine...
Water streams by in this leaf engulfed rivulet...
The sumac pause and preen in their crimson shades, even a few flutter reds to yellow gradients..
Pause for a while as coloration balanced full is luscious with rain coatings, a crescendo awaits.
The hillside fence of trees reaches a color climax this rainy day
In the dead of winter these will be the only leaves of color.
The woods covered lane takes on more subtle hues later in the day and season.