Fall Brawn:Trent-Severyn Locks
Northumberland County is outlined on its North and East by the Trent River. The Trent in turn is dotted with locks from Hastings to Healey Falls and on down to Campbellford. The locks in turn unlock the Trent for watercraft and sporting all the way through to Central Ontario and the Upper Great Lakes. There is much hidden heft and brawn in the Trent Severyn Waterway and Locks.
The basins behind the locks provide mirror surfaces that reflect the Fall show around and above.
Even the yellow safety coatings of the lock gates add to Autumn's pallete as fallen leaves collect on the lock water.
Even more impresive are the huge lock gates standing 50-90 feet high while holding back tons of water. To see the power involved, all you have to do is visit the nearby Hydro Dams and watch the velocity of the water in the spillways.
And on the lock grounds there are shows of Fall's color palette in curves of delight.
On the surface of water in the locks the fallen leaves seem to dance - but in fact it is the reflected tree boughs and branches moved by a stray breeze.
Likewise there is an illusion that the leaves are just about to spill over the top of the lock.
The color play of the water's reflection is like a new insight - a tinge of disconcerting surprise as well delight.
This group of Maples look like father and kids peering cautiously over the lock's edge.
While here we have impressions of a Group of Seven artist at work.
A burst of autumnal energy is scattered across the heavens.
The massive walls and doors of the Healey Falls Locks
The Healey Falls Hydro generator is right next to the locks which veer right down to the second set of locks.
Here is the spillway downstream at Cambellford. Note the barnacle covered cross beam.
At the bottom of the lock there is a gathering of Fall's gold for the taking..