On the way to Roseneath in Fall
On the way from Castleton to Roseneath there is a glade which throws down an enchanted carpet of leaves and hues of 2-3 weeks duration before the vigors of oncoming Winter. Ahh, here is the welcome mat at the entrance way.
Here are windswept color boughs in a field before the glade.
A still green fern flexes in the glade floor breeze.
Clumps creamy and bronze, cover a stub once mighty, which you, I to be?
There is a Blake Richardson Sculpture lurking in these woods.
Innocent green abounds, persistent as brain held hope, planting winter youth.
Pastel hues flourish here and in Carla Miedema's paintings
There is a fungus amongus on our carpet - the Giant Puffball aka Calvatia gigantea.
The carpet is woven with spiral fern quilts
Green lichen and moss hold the topside of a boulder.
The RedBarn Country Market has a similar hold in Roseneath and now Cobourg and Port Hope.
Breezy maple leaves dance among the grasping spiral fern.
Caught in the ferns web in a mood like Hastings artist Leigh Thompson
Even limbs and bushes of spruce are bedecked with Fall's Maple bounty.
All over the floor there are fern fans of many hues.
While the color symphony on the glade floor plays in harmony with Jacqueline Staikos art, her innovative form and styling are uniquely pleasing.