Autumn's Audacity in Port Hope
Even sepia shades hint of broader color at this entrance way into the Ganaraska Millenium Conservation Area.
The leaves of Fall's tints and tincture mark the path.
Follow the twisting Fall Carpet lane in the fashion of a Lucy Manley landscape
A bog, a swelling pond offshoot from the mearby Ganaraska river, and a luxuriant autumn hillside next greet the the pathtaker. Similar audacious hues and styling can be found in Linda Herold's art.
The fragrance of Fall is everywhere as are Maple yellows and reds.
Everywhere the new members of Fall's decay glow color one last time.
Don MacKenzie's feathered creations would be at home in these woods....
This conservation area scene could easily find its way into a painting by Elizabeth Loty Hlapcic.
Yellow with stains of summer green Maple-dapple the pathway.
Forms and hues to be found as echoes in Susan Caron's Artistry
And the oaks this year show no autumnal modesty but waggle crimson and haughty scarlet.
Serene moments pause, coloration balanced full, all awaiting a downbeat.
Warm sways suddenly, as if Summer were to be summarized in shades.
Curves and Colors suggested by Trish Rintoul's Floral Paintings
These floral forms, shades, and lighting might well be found in a Robert Doherty landscape.
A bloom bouquet of subtle scents found in the Port Hope garden can also be found among the Holton Flowers.