Oaks Provide a Chroma Concerto
Most Autumns the sumac and birch are the crucial players. If those last long enough to match the Maple Highs - its a good, colorful season. But this year, it was the oaks which, instead of turning various shades of drab and brown, put on a prolonged color chroma concerto. But as you can see above - the first signs were not promising.
However, susbsequent checks on local lanes and trails showed oaks breaking out of the ochre-to-brown slump of most autumnal years.
And within a few days exciting evidence is in - yellows, oranges and bright reds paint black oaks and even traditional white oaks too. Now the question is how long would these gaudy, once every 3-5 year colors last?
A slow drizzle mutates orange into brash bronze on red stems.
And black oaks flash poplar yellow - this is Fall in a new chroma.
Nothing like a gentle rain to commpliment the cedar and pine green.
Along Jakobi road the oaks mark the edge of change this year.
Even on the forest trails small Blackjack Oak go color wild.
And the oaks keep up the chroma show in time with the maples, birch and even the late turning larch. Thus a vintage Fall 2012 in Northumberland County.
Tatters of color like torn cloth memories scatter with the breeze at dusk...
There is a myth dancing like pastel hues across the woods this afternoon.
A lively colorature plays across Salt Creek Valley.
"Shhhush - I know a secret is buried here among the Oaks".
The leaves do a shiver and sway dance this day.
Truly an oak colored concert this Fall..