Fall Storms Over Northumberland Hills
Normally, Autumn brings a fair share of rainy weather to Eastern Ontario and the Northumberland Hills. But this year it was not only rainy but also stormy. The downpours were sometimes short as in the these images but other times long warm drizzles would last a day as seen in our Wet Series of images. So stormy skies provided dramatic contrast to this year's outstanding Fall colors.
Just Northeast of Warkworth along the backroad to Campbellford, a steady soft rain coated the woods ever more colorfully.
The brisk breeze shudders and shakes the Pine, Ash, Maple and Oak on this tree fence between fields .
Warkworth to Campbellford via Godolphin Road offers green fields encirled by an artist's pallette of colorful trees
Just a few 100 meters down road, the trees of Fall dance tiptoe along the ridge of the hill.
Tempestuous clouds briefly open sun shafts illuminating the valley's Fall hues.
Racing with a storm to get from Trent River to Campbellford, suddenly the clouds cleared for this view of a harvested field.
Just south of Warkworth a field rolls up and then down into the woods as a storm forms in the distance over Dartford.
Corn stalks march to the edge of the woods which are getting sprinkled more colorful with daubs of rain.
As Fall's Colors recede the days seem to have ever more bluster - wet and wild..
South of Norwood the winds and rain were running away from this field of Birch, Maple, and Pine.
First some turkeys and then a deer dipped into these rain and painted woods.
A cyan sky uncovers the saucy Autumn colors.
From Trent River to Hastings the back roads are full of fields in burning colors.
A gentle drizzle just started and then was spirited away by willful winds..