The Art of Fall in the Northumberland Hills
The burning bush of beech and maple tints enflame the roadside near Warkworth.
A suggestion of the abstractions with Classic Masters' overtones which is part of the delights of Lisa Johnson's paintings.
Childlike impressions of the shadows, hues and wind whistlings in Autumn's woods.
Katie Flindall's imagination might well be lurking in this forest.
Never forgotten, luminous delights surround, to be lost again.
Yet there is an element of sunny surprise in Anita Gutteridge's works
On the road to Roseneath, there is a glade which set down every Autumn s a fragrance and hues like a rich welcome mat of just 2-3 weeks duration before the oncoming vigors of Winter.
Brabara Klatt uses not-quite-antiques to create painted and remade delights.
Bulbous waggling color forms rise to the sky along Johnson's road. It is Fall again.
Nick Leniuk's soapstone sculptures would find the Jack Pines of interest here.
This Fall has a novel gamut of colors like the artistry found at The Eclectic Mix
Cloth scrap tokens, cherished scrambles heap up and leap through my heart.
Jan Atkinson has goe even more whimsy as here but there is a common puckishnes...
Like the road rushing winds, pigments glow and writhe to a treble-times dimpled sky.
These are the sweeps and slats of emotion to be seen in Betsy Miller's paintings.
Bold styling and light like here are found in David Gordon's works
This image suggests the abstract illustrations of Eric Field - but see his impressive array of prints and drawings yourself.
Natural shapings, lie over my symmetries, like tickle scythings.Barbara Bickell's art echoes these emotional forms.
Mary Lou Burnside is a daring ceramicist who might find this image intrguing.
Judy Hopkins paints with dash and hues only implied here.
Rain on the leaves add vibrance to the oak hues like superealism.
This style can also be seen in the paintings by Clive Russell. But this complete artist also has provocative sculptures and architectural renderings.
There is some hints here of the color and form of Claus Heinecke's sculptures and paintings - check his website out.