Centertons Sumacs Surprise
Centreton had a surprise this Fall. For reasons unknown, the sumac lasted in the Centreton hills at least two weeks longer than elsewhere in Northumberland. While traveling through the hills clumps of stunning crimson, ochre, green and fuschia were on show. Enjoy..
Hickories, maples and oak shade a bed of sumac.
A crimson clump of sumac echoed by a background ash.
Red sumac knifes the evening sky. See similar plays of light and form in Jane Osmand's photo artistry.
There are native Indian stories of the medicinal properties of sumac - and how strips of sumac helped defeat the ravishings of Windigo.
At times the sumac leaves appear to be dripping color..
While just down the pathway, this clump is head dancing with fluttering winds.
Robert Perks photos have similar inimations of color and form.
Like a surprise at the edge of the woods, there are colorful images to be found in Mary Weilandt's photos.
Yellow beams provide an opening in a dense clump of trees.
And then I stumble upon an abandoned boiler bedecked with leaves and needles, perfect camouflage until nearly colliding...
Exiting the dense woods reveals a hillside covered in bright colors.
...a lovely arching voice, carrying an aria, arises mysteriously from the many shades. How can this be?
Woods of adventure await each Fall along Newton Road heading south...
A contingent of reinforcements for British General Joseph Morrison take the high road through Centreton on the way to Cornwall in the Fall of 1813.