Castletons Fall Bounty
Castleton has some very distinctive Fall treasures. One is a stand of planted pines on a hillside plateau. They are in neat rows and are surrounded by maples, elms, and beech - in short, for spirits young at heart, an adventure ground of no small dimesions. For a photographer - lines of symmetry plus colors and shadows of delight.
As pines march in order, maples arise as yellow and orange interlopers in a game of hide and see.
Fallen pines point to Autumn's burning wall. And only a few birds at the pines roof create a stir.
Just the type of geometry and symmetry to be found in Brian Tysons's images
And in this corner of the Pine stand, two burning bushes surprise me
Who can imagine in the fashion of the Click Chick?
The pines stand up straight almost in miltary marching order.
The sun drenched trees play orange and yellow to the dark pine needles - then sneak away as Cummulus and Nimbus arrive overhead.
Finally breaking through to the edge of the plateau one can see the line of hills in the distance.
This is a path not always taken; much like the innovative photography of Mary Weilandt
Follow the bend of the road as it reveals the edge of the forest and farm fields below.
Bursts of green give way to gold and ochre to be followed by black, white and Winter.
The roadside twists and turns like the carnival wall of colors and murmured whisperings. Such a pleasing trek.
"Ohh she blushed, you can't mean that..."
The skies unfold with drama and color fit to the Fall chroma and hues below.
A landscape that could be found in Allan Shorts images
Shhh...don't let anybody know but up the hill there is a plateua filled with a pine stand whose magics ...